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Business Succession Planning Attorney
in York County, South Carolina

After years of hard work, planning, and success, it is time to retire from your position as the owner of your company. There are a lot of decisions that will have to be made when you decide to do this such as when is the right time; will the company survive without me; and most importantly, who will take over for me? 

After considering all of these thoughts, you ought to turn to an experienced business succession attorney who will be able to help you with the complicated task of succession. At George T. Ligon II, Attorney at Law, LLC, I help business owners and executives in York County, Chester County, Rock Hill, and Rock Mill, South Carolina, with the challenging task of succession planning. Over our time together, I will work closely with you to devise a plan that fits your company’s specific needs so that the transition can go as smoothly as possible and your successor will be ready to take on your position with ease. To talk about your succession plan, contact me today and schedule a free consultation. 

Why Should You Hire a
Business Succession Attorney?

While it is possible to handle the passing of the baton internally, it is more beneficial for you, your successor, and your company to hire a knowledgeable attorney. I will take the charge of any documentation needs that you may have and take care of any vulnerabilities and liabilities that may come up. Along with being a skilled business succession planning attorney, I can help you with various business law needs including contract disputes and agreements, entity formations, tax issues, and more. For holistic business law representation, get in touch with me today in York County, South Carolina. 

Who Should Take Over Your Business?

If you have not already named a successor for your company, here are a few options that I can help you go over. 

A Family Member

Family businesses are the backbone of the United States economy. If you have a trusted family member that knows your business well, he or she could serve as a great choice to take over for you, especially if he or she has years of experience at the company.

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Selling Your Shares to a Co-Owner

If you found your business with a co-owner, it may be a wise decision to sell your shares of the business to him or her. This is a reliable option to choose due to the experience and trusting relationship that you already have with this person. 

Selling the Business to a Trusted Employee

If you employ someone that you feel would be successful in your position, that might be the right option. In some cases, you do not always have an eager family member or experienced business partner to fall back on when you decide to take a step back. Handing the reins to a trusted employee might be the decision that your business needs to prosper. 

There are several options that you have to consider when stepping down from your business. As a business succession attorney, I am here to help you find the right solution for your company. Get in contact with my law firm George T. Ligon II, Attorney at Law, LLC  in York County, South Carolina, and schedule a free meeting. 

Family Farm Planning

I grew up on a family farm. South Carolina farms provide our state with the produce and livestock that we need to survive. When you or a member of your family is ready to pass the legacy on to someone else, I am ready and eager to help. Whether you need to create a trust or will or are in need of protecting the assets of your family’s farm, allow me to help. If you want to talk about your family farm succession plans, reach out to me in York County today. 

Succession Planning for
South Carolina Businesses

Having an experienced business succession planning attorney at your side can make all the difference during the transition period. With detailed planning and complicated documents, I will take on the burden of your succession planning so that you and your business can focus on the work. Contact me today in York County, South Carolina, and schedule a free consultation. I also help businesses in Chester County, Rock Hill, and Rock Mill, South Carolina.