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Estate Planning Attorney
in York County, South Carolina

At its core, estate planning is a gift to the loved ones that we leave behind.  As anyone who has ever had to deal with a poorly conceived estate plan can attest, leaving a mess for grieving loved ones to clean up is no gift at all.  A comprehensive and fully integrated estate plan minimizes the burden on family and friends by proactively addressing the areas of potential confusion or conflict, thereby granting your loved ones the space to mourn without distraction. 

York County, South Carolina families can turn to my law firm, George T. Ligon II, Attorney at Law, LLC, for all of their estate planning needs. Whether you want to protect your family’s assets and create a trust or will, or create a plan for your family farm, hire me as your estate planning attorney. Reach out to me today in York County, South Carolina, and schedule a free consultation of your case. I also serve those in Chester County, Rock Hill, and Rock Mill, South Carolina. 

Why Should You Hire an
Estate Planning Attorney?

After a loved one passes away, the government may interfere with your family member’s properties and assets. The entire process can be dragged on and overwhelming, especially when dealing with it alone. That is why it is important to have an experienced estate planning attorney help you create a secure plan so that you can move forward with your life. Do not deal with the estate planning process alone and do not hesitate in reaching out to me today in York County, South Carolina. 

Difference Between Trusts & Wills

There are different benefits to creating a will or a trust. As your estate planning attorney, I will help you and your loved ones make the right decision that will comfort your family for years to come. 


There are two types of trusts in estate planning – trusts established during your life, also known as inter vivos trusts, and trusts established after your death, also known as testamentary trusts.   

When you create an inter vivos trust, you are able to name beneficiaries to receive your belongings after your death. A trust is ideal for families that have a large number of assets and properties and a larger net worth. With that in mind, the creation of a trust is more costly. However, a trust will avoid the probate process. A testamentary trust can be established by many different types of documents, but the most common method is through a provision in a will.

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While a will does not escape the probate process and becomes public, it is cheaper to create than a trust. Similar to a trust, you can name beneficiaries that will inherit your possessions after your death. A will is also easier to form and maintain, and you are able to name a guardian for your minor children. 

Whatever your needs may be, I will help you with the estate planning process. If you reside in York County, Chester County, Rock Hill, or Rock Mill, South Carolina, and want to speak to an estate planning attorney, contact me today. Our first meeting together is free. 

Family Farm Planning Services

I grew up on my family’s farm in South Carolina. I understand how important it is to keep a farm in the family’s name. A farm is more than a business, for many, it is a way of life. Whether you grow produce or raise livestock, I want to help you keep your farm’s integrity intact through my legal planning services.  

Schedule a Free Consultation With a York County Estate Planning Attorney

The estate planning process is overwhelming enough, especially when you handle it by yourself. As your estate planning attorney, I will be at your side throughout the entire experience, no matter what. Whether you are looking to create a trust or protect your family’s farm, I am here for you. Contact me today in York County, South Carolina, and schedule a free consultation. I also provide my services to families in Chester County, Rock Hill, or Rock Mill, South Carolina.