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Business Law Attorney in
York County, South Carolina

Owning a business is not an easy venture to accomplish. While you can be successful in your endeavors, the task may prove to be more challenging than you may have imagined, especially in the beginning stages. At George T. Ligon II, Attorney at Law, LLC, I help York County, South Carolina business owners with various business law needs including forming an entity, contract disputes and agreements, succession, tax solutions, and more. Whether you are a small or big business, are starting up, or have been around for years, allow me to be the business law attorney that helps you seek a positive outcome to your troubles, and helps your business prosper. If your company resides in York County, Chester County, Rock Hill, or Rock Mill, South Carolina, get in contact with me and schedule your free case consultation. 

Business Law Services for You

The practice of business law can encompass a wide variety of services. The following are common legal needs of business owners that would require the insight of an experienced business law attorney. 

Forming an Entity

There are many factors that go into your decision when choosing an entity for your business. As your attorney, I will help you pick an entity that fits your and your company’s specific needs. 

  • Sole Proprietorship – A sole proprietorship is technically not a legal entity, however, it is a way that you can run your company. By operating as a sole proprietorship, you are responsible for the liabilities and debts that fall upon your business.  

  • General Partnership – When two or more people create a general partnership, they are responsible for the debts and liabilities, similar to a sole proprietorship. The partners are equal and can operate their company with the same authority. 

  • Limited Partnership – Similar to a general partnership, two or more people invest their money into a business. A limited partner is someone who has invested less money than the general partner, therefore does not have the same responsibilities or liability amount as the managing partner. 

  • Corporation – A corporation must be authorized by state law. The company operates by itself, meaning, it can have shareholders, but the company itself can be sued, be contracted, and buy and sell real estate. You will need an experienced business law attorney to help you with a corporation filing. 

  • Limited Liability Company – Similar to a corporation, a limited liability company (LLC) operates as its own entity and must have an attorney file under state law. An LLC also has fewer regulations from state law than other entities. 

  • Business Trusts - A business trust is an older form of a corporate entity that offers unique advantages for passive investors and business succession planning. If you are interested in how a business trust might benefit you, give us a call!

To get started on your company, contact me today in York County, South Carolina, and schedule a free consultation. 


Contracts are an integral part of owning a business. As your business law attorney, I can help you draft a contract, review a contract you may consider agreeing to, negotiate any contract agreements or disputes, and help you when a breach of contract occurs. These legally-binding agreements are complicated documents. If you do not have the insight, you might find yourself in a bad situation. Contact me today in York County, South Carolina, and set up a free meeting. I also serve the areas of Chester County, Rock Hill, and Rock Mill, South Carolina.

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Business Succession Planning

If you are ready to retire from your company and pass the baton, you will benefit from having a business succession planning attorney create a plan so that the process can be as smooth as possible. From various documentation filing to protecting the legacy of the company, I will help you keep your business in shape. Ready to talk? Contact me now. 

Holistic Business Law Attorney in York County, South Carolina

Along with the services listed above, I am able to help you with tax issues, real estate transactions, torts, and more. Having a small business law attorney at your side can help you run your business more smoothly and have fewer liabilities on your hands. To get started, contact me at George T. Ligon II, Attorney at Law, LLC in York County, South Carolina, and schedule a free consultation. I also assist companies in Chester County, Rock Hill, and Rock Mill, South Carolina.