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Expert Legal Services for Any Type of Business

Having the right legal counsel can be a huge asset for any business. An experienced attorney can help you navigate through difficult situations, draft contracts and even provide representation in court if needed. Expert legal services can also assist with corporate formation, trademark registration and copyright protection.

At Ligon Business & Estate Law, I have decades of experience providing legal advice to businesses of all sizes. I understand the complexities that come with running a business and am committed to providing high-quality legal services tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you need help with contracts, formation documents or dispute resolutions, I’ll work with you from start to finish. I also have extensive experience in real estate transactions and can help you secure the right property for your business.

I am always available to answer any questions you may have about my services or how I can be of assistance. I look forward to helping you achieve success! Contact Ligon Business & Estate Law today to learn more.

About York, SC

York is a vibrant town with a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. It offers plenty of outdoor activities, fine restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries

It has a bustling economy with many companies in the IT and manufacturing industries. York is also home to several educational institutions such as York Technical College and public elementary and secondary schools. 

Real estate options include cozy cottages in the downtown area and sprawling estates in the countryside, as well as rental apartments and condominiums. York has something to offer everyone with its friendly people, cultural attractions, and business opportunities.

Ligon Business & Estate Law takes great pride in its strong connection to the York community. I am committed to serving businesses, individuals, and families across York County with expert legal advice and services. I am driven by the utmost goal of helping my clients achieve optimal results in their cases. 

Trust me to guide you through your legal matters with professionalism and unwavering support. When it comes to legal matters such as estate planning, starting a business, or seeking reliable legal counsel, Ligon Business & Estate Law is your trusted partner. Feel free to get in touch with me today for more information on how my services can be of help to you!

Business Legal Services That are Tailored to Your Needs

At Ligon Business & Estate Law, I understand that not all businesses are the same. That’s why my legal services are tailored to address your specific needs. 

I offer a comprehensive suite of legal documents and services, including contracts, company forms and corporate policies. My expertise in the field can help you develop an effective plan for compliance with local, state and federal laws, as well as providing guidance for any disputes that may arise. As your legal partner, you can be sure that your business is on solid footing and able to meet its goals.

I also have extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence reviews, asset purchases and corporate restructuring. I understand the complexities of such transactions and will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Types of Businesses I Help 

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Company
  • S Corporations

Business Formations in York, SC

Whether you are forming a new business or restructuring an existing entity, I can provide competent counsel to ensure that you have the most advantageous business structure. I recognize the complexities that can come with creating and maintaining a successful organization and I take the time to tailor our services to your specific needs.

I understand that each business is unique and requires individualized attention. I will work closely with you to draft the most efficient contracts and documents for your particular business. I am here to provide you with a comprehensive set of legal services designed to facilitate your business ventures

Business Succession Planning 

Business succession planning can be quite complicated and may require the assistance of a lawyer or other legal professional. Having an experienced attorney help you navigate the complexities of the process is essential to ensure that your succession plan is properly executed and that all relevant documents are in order. 

At Ligon Business & Estate Law, I understand the important details, such as inheritance taxes, estate planning, gifting strategies and more. I can recommend the best strategies to ensure that your family’s interests are properly protected.

Plus, I also create a trust or other legal entity designed to help protect assets and transfer them in an orderly fashion. This will allow for an efficient transition of business ownership from one generation to the next. 

Other Services 

  • Asset Protection
  • Re-Title Assets
  • Asset Transfer
  • Retirement Plan Contributions
  • Offshore Trust
  • Purchase Insurance
  • LLC or FLP 
  • Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT)
  • Auction Law 

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