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Auction Law Attorney in
York County, South Carolina

Wait, auction law? Really?

Yes, really.  I come from a family of auctioneers, and over the years since I entered the legal profession, beginning even during law school, the circles I was drawn into on the auction side kept coming back to legal issues that most lawyers do not know how to address because they are not familiar with auctions and the auction process.  Sometimes this is because the issue at hand is very auction specific, such as when a bidder gets upset about a bid being accepted or denied as the hammer fell.  Other times it's structuring the auction company so it is oriented for risks that are unique to the auction world.  For lack of a better term, I group all of this under the label of Auction Law, although it is probably more accurate to say that I practice Auctioneer Law.

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I have helped auctioneers in Georgia and South Carolina deal with a wide range of issues, from contract and term sheet reviews to assessing the risk of a threatened lawsuit succeeding.  If you are an auctioneer and are interested in how an "auction lawyer" can assist you in your business, don't hesitate to give me a call.