Note: At the time of this Blog Post, the below content is also what greets visitors on the home page. As the law firm website evolves, that will inevitably change. So, for the curious future visitor, below is the letter I originally wrote and posted for prospective clients to see if they visited my website.

A Note to the Prospective Client, from George Ligon, Owner

In 2019, the American Bar Association reported that there were 1,352,027 active lawyers in the United States. So, why choose my law firm?

In a world where the profitability of billion dollar businesses can be decided in five seconds by a text message, being asked to drive across town for a 45 minute preliminary meeting no longer makes sense. That’s half a day of productivity lost and opportunities missed. Plus, as we all learned in 2020, often those meetings really could be handled in a quick video call or email. You deserve a lawyer who works on your time, is responsive to the modern (pronounced: hectic) pace of life, and who will fit into your schedule, instead of making you fit into the lawyer’s 9-5.

You deserve bespoke legal representation.  Bespoke means that what I do is tailored for you specifically. I meet you when it works best for your busy lifestyle. This may mean in your office at 9 AM or in your kitchen at home that night, or just meeting for lunch. It may mean meeting on the weekend, or scheduling a call for 12:30 AM when you get off of second shift. Don’t think about it as you are my client. Think about it as I am your lawyer. I work to further your interests and needs.

At one of my first law firm clerkships, a partner pulled me aside and gave me the best advice I ever received for how to approach clients. He said to remember that every potential client took the trouble to call us, and people don’t call lawyers just to catch up. To me, a client’s problem might seem miniscule or simple, but to the client, that problem is the biggest thing going on in their life at that time, and to treat them accordingly. Yes, it may just be updating a simple Last Will and Testament, but that straightforward document is still the document that will ensure the client’s testamentary desires are carried out, and as such it needs to be prepared with the proper degree of respect and attention.

Whether you’re simply updating your Will because you recently got married or incorporating an entity for the next billion dollar idea, what you’re hiring me for is important to you. And that makes it important to me too.

I look forward to assisting you however I can.