Well, that time flew by.  As Bogie says, play it again, Sam.
When I went out on my own in February 2020, I had no idea what chaos lay just around the corner, for both the world and myself.  And then I blinked and found myself in the midst of a firm rebranding and evolution, only to realize I have a website I hadn’t updated in almost two years.  So, please excuse the digital mess as this site is updated to reflect the following:

  • My new (and now permanent) office phone is 839-500-4766, and my new (and now permanent) work email is george@gtllaw.com.  If you have a prior number for me or prior email, those are still active and will come to me, but please note that I am working hard to phase them out entirely.
  • Along with the new email comes a new web domain. The old domain, like the old email, should redirect here automatically. Why did I make this change? My old “.law” ending caused too many problems with correspondence going into spam.
  • I now have a permanent office location: 1590 Constitution Blvd., Rock Hill, SC 29732. My office shares space with Attorney Robert Breakfield (still working on road signage).  Nevertheless, for mail it’s best to keep using my PO Box — PO Box 4125, Rock Hill, SC 29732.
  • In addition to my current GA and SC bars, I should be barred in NC later this summer.
  • In addition to the practice areas I have always had, I have since added a few more, for which I will be adding pages on the site in coming weeks:
    • (1) Probate
    • (2) Guardianships and Conservatorships
    • (3) QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders)
    • (4) Charities and Non-Profits

To my current and prior clients who have afforded me the privilege of representing them during the turmoil of the past two years, as well as their gracious toleration of my own controlled chaos as I worked to build a nontraditional practice from scratch, I thank you. To any new or perspective clients, welcome!  Please give me a call or text (839-500-4766) or send an email (george@gtllaw.com) any time. As always, I am more than happy to speak to you any time that works best for you. My promise of Bespoke Legal Representation remains unchanged — don’t think of it as you are my client; think of the relationship as I am your lawyer.
~ George

April 2022