Estate Planning for Digital Entrepreneurs: Protecting Intellectual Property and Online Businesses

As a digital entrepreneur, you have spent a lot of time, effort, and money on your online presence and creating valuable intellectual property. Whether it's a successful e-commerce store, a thriving software application, or a popular blog, your online business represents a substantial asset that needs to be safeguarded. Our skilled attorneys understand the [...]

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Small Business Dissolution in SC: Legal Steps and Obligations for Closing a Business in South Carolina

Small business dissolution in South Carolina involves critical legal steps and obligations to ensure a smooth and compliant closure. At Ligon Business & Estate Law, we provide expert guidance to business owners throughout this process. Board Resolution: Initiate the dissolution process by obtaining a board resolution or majority vote from shareholders, depending on your [...]

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Estate Planning for Blended Families: Strategies for Preserving Family Harmony

Estate planning for blended families is a unique service tailored to meet distinct issues when families come together with diverse backgrounds and financial situations. Experienced estate planning lawyers know the value of preserving family harmony while ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes. We work closely with blended families to create comprehensive [...]

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Shielding Legacies: How Asset Protection Trust Lawyers Can Help

Are you concerned about the safety of your assets? You may want to consider setting up an asset protection trust with the assistance of experienced asset protection trust (APT) lawyers. Asset protection trusts are powerful legal tools that can help you protect your assets from creditors and other claimants. An asset protection trust is [...]

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Spring Cleaning 2022

Well, that time flew by.  As Bogie says, play it again, Sam. When I went out on my own in February 2020, I had no idea what chaos lay just around the corner, for both the world and myself.  And then I blinked and found myself in the midst of a firm rebranding and [...]

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The Original Client Letter

Note: At the time of this Blog Post, the below content is also what greets visitors on the home page. As the law firm website evolves, that will inevitably change. So, for the curious future visitor, below is the letter I originally wrote and posted for prospective clients to see if they visited my [...]

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